UK Temporary Workers Visa

Temporary Workers UK Visa

There are six UK temporary workers visa categories. All these visas fall under the Tier 5 of the UK’s Point Based System. In all the categories, except one (Youth Mobility Scheme), the applicant must prove that he or she has a sponsor and furnish sponsorship certificate. The available funds and sponsorship determine the points to be allotted to each applicant.

They six categories are discussed here.

Charity Worker

  • A person coming to do unpaid charity work in the UK qualifies for the visa.
  • The visa will be granted for a year (maximum).
  • It can be set to be a multiple-entry one with a certificate from the sponsor.

Creative and Sporting Worker

  • A person coming to perform or work as an entertainer or sports person or creative artist can qualify for this category of UK temporary workers visa.
  • It is not the same as the Entertainers Visa or Sports Visa. However, a person who entered the country through such visas can switch to the temporary worker category if he or she meets the requirements.
  • A recognized governing body in the applicant’s country must endorse him or her for meeting its requirements.
  • A sports person can stay for up to a year.
  • Creative workers have a maximum time of two years with the initial allowance of 12 months.

Religious Worker

  • A religious worker can be someone who preaches, does non-pastoral or pastoral work or works with a religious community such as a convent or monastery.
  • People are not permitted to switch into or out of this Tier 5 visa category.
  • The maximum time of stay permitted under this category is two years.

Government Exchange

  • A person coming to experience life (social and cultural) in the United Kingdom while sharing experience, best practice or knowledge, will qualify for this UK temporary workers visa.
  • The sponsor for this visa should be a body that oversees Government Authorised Exchange Schemes.
  • The person must be a skilled worker of NVQ level.
  • A low skilled person who will be undergoing vocational training and courses with the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme will also qualify.
  • The visa holder gets a maximum of 24 months to stay in the country.

International Agreement

  • A person who comes to perform a work that is governed by the International Law qualifies for this UK temporary workers visa category.
  • The maximum period of this visa is two years.

Youth Mobility Scheme

  • Young people who want to experience the UK life come under this category.
  • Only a preset number of youth from selected territories and countries are permitted to apply.
  • Under this scheme, 32,500 are allowed from Australia, 5,000 from Canada, 1,000 from Japan, 10,000 from New Zealand, 1000 from Monaco and 1000 from Taiwan.
  • Usually, the UK temporary workers visa applicant’s native government must sponsor the trip and stay.