UK Student Visa

Student Visa is a certificate issued by the UK missions abroad for candidates interested in pursuing studies in Britain. Student Visa gives you permission to enter the country for studying at an educational institute for a particular duration. On the expiry of the visa, the person concerned has to leave the country.

UK Student Visa Eligibility Criteria

A prospective candidate for Student Visa must have got admission in a full-time course or for research work in an educational institution that must be included in the UK’s Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills Register of Education and Training Providers. The prospective candidate should also be able to pay for his studies and support himself in the UK without any job or opening any business. They should not get involved in any kind of activity apart from academics. Also, he/she must be able to convince the authorities that he would return to their country after completion of the course and not take up a job in the UK.

How to Apply for UK Student Visa

Interested candidates can apply for a student visa either through post, courier, in person or online. If one wants to do it in person, one can get the application form free of cost from Visa Application Centers (VAC) set up throughout the world to make it more convenient for people to apply for a UK visa. These VACs will forward your application to the UK mission in that country which will then decide whether to give the visa.

Benefits of Student Visa to UK

Student visa does not mean that you can prolong your stay as long as you want or settle there permanently but on the completion of the course, the candidate with a student visa can switch to another UK immigration service without leaving the country. The student visa may also enable the prospective candidate to take up part-time employment. However, it should not be more than 20 hours per week during term, except vacations.

Reasons for Rejection of UK Student Visa

Prospective candidates can be denied visa if they give wrong information, forged certificates or withhold some important information. The prospective candidate can also be denied visa if they are unable to show the liquid assets to finance the studies and accommodation.

Length of Stay and Extension for UK Student Visa

Normally, the duration of a student visa is not more than 12 months depending upon the course you choose to pursue. However, student visa can be extended in cases where the prospective candidate wants to pursue another course after the completion of the first course. For that, he has to apply for Further Leave to Remain (FLR).

After completion of the course, the prospective candidate can also apply for a post-study work visa, which is issued for two years. After the expiry of post-study work visa, the candidate can switch to another tier or sub category to extend the stay in the UK.

Also, the candidate on a student visa can prolong his stay in the country by applying for Work permit if he/she gets a specific job offer from a British company. Else, he/she can permanently settle there through Highly Skilled Migration program, which gives visas to professionals for four years. This program is an open work permit where a prospective candidate can enter the UK many times.