UK Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa UK

UK spouse visa is granted to a non-EU spouse of a British citizen or a lawful resident of the UK to enter the country and to remain in the country.

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

The applicant must meet all the Immigration Rules. The applicant and the UK spouse must,

  • Meet the age requirement of 18 years (minimum)
  • Have met and be legally wed
  • Show intention of living together permanently
  • Show proof of sufficient finances to support themselves without depending on public funds
  • Have proper accommodation in the country
  • Meet the set English Language eligibility

Even if a person has multiple partners or spouses, only one of them will be granted entry to the country under this visa. To switch over to this visa from within the country, the applicant must have entered the country under a qualifying visa that was granted with more than six months validity.

How to Apply for the UK Spouse Visa

The application form VAF4A needs to submitted online, or by post. The application fee is £810. Those switching from another eligible visa category to the marriage or spouse visa need to use the form FLR (M) to apply in person or by post. The cost to extend the stay using this visa is £550 and £850 by post and in person respectively.  Children of the couple, who are under 18 years of age, can also apply for entry along with the main applicant.

UK Spouse Visa Terms

Generally, the visa is valid for 27 months. Upon completing two years on this visa, the spouse will qualify for permanent residence in the UK. While applying for the ILR, the applicant must be in the marriage relationship with his or her spouse and must be living with him or her. To apply for Settlement, the applicant must pass either the Level 3 ESOL (with Citizen Element eligibility) or the ‘Life in the UK’ test. The application fee for Settlement process is £972 by post and £1,350 in person.

Those, who have been living with their spouse outside the country for a minimum of four years, before applying for this visa, can qualify to apply for the ILR immediately after getting the spouse visa. They need not wait the whole two years to be eligible. If they have been together for less than four years, the non-EU spouse will be granted probationary spouse visa for two years.

After the ILR, the candidate qualifies to make application towards the British Naturalisation process.

People who applied for the UK spouse visa from outside the UK have the right to log an appeal upon rejection of the application. Those who applied from within the UK have statutory right to log an appeal. Usually the rejection letter will explain the cause for rejection and the necessary steps to be taken.