UK Sports Visa

Sports Visa is a certificate issued by the UK missions abroad for candidates interested in taking part in the events or want to train in the UK. Sports Visa gives you permission to enter the country for a particular duration.

Eligibility criteria for UK Sports Visa

A prospective candidate for Sports Visa must have got proof of the selection for the event going to take place in UK. He should also have an original letter of invitation from the sports federation as well as a letter of the employer which states that he can rejoin his original job after his return. He/She can apply for this visa if he/she are going to take part in the event or going for a short period of training as an individual or as a part of team. An Umpire can also apply for the same visa. They should not get involved in any kind of activity apart from sports. Also, he/she must be able to convince the authorities that he would return to their country after completion of the event and not take up a job in the UK.

If a person under 18 years of age is applying for a sports visa then he/she must have a letter containing the guardian agreement and the arrangements for his/her care at the place where he/she is going to stay. In case of children two types of children can apply for a sports visa and they are Accompanied Child and Unaccompanied Child. In case of Accompanied child he can only travel when he got the name of an adult on his visa and in the latter case he can travel alone or with any adult.

How to Apply for UK Sports Visa

Interested candidates can apply for a sports visa either through post, courier, in person or online. He can also collect the application form free of cost from Visa Application Centers (VAC) set up throughout the world to make it more convenient for people to apply for a UK visa. After submitting the form these centers will forward your Sports Visa application to the UK mission in that country which will then decide whether to give the visa.

Reasons for rejection of UK Sports Visa

Prospective candidates can be denied visa if they give wrong information, regarding the age proof or unable to deposit the original invitation letter given by the sports federation. The prospective candidate can also be denied visa if they are unable to show the required liquid assets to fulfill their daily needs.

Length of Stay and Extension of UK Sports Visa

Normally, the duration of a sports visa is not more than 06 months. However, sports visa can be extended in cases where the prospective candidate wants to stay in the country after the completion of the event. For that, he has to apply for Further Leave to Remain (FLR).

After completion of the event, the prospective candidate can also apply for along term visa, which is issued for two years, five years or ten years.

Also, the candidate on a sports visa can prolong his stay in the country by applying for long term visa if he/she gets a specific job offer from a British company.