UK Prospective Student Visa

Those who would like to explore their educational options in the UK can apply for the UK Prospective Student Visa. It does not require the candidate to have acceptance for a course in any university in order to enter the country.

UK Prospective Student Visa Requirements

  • There are no age restrictions for this visa.
  • While the requirements do not mandate the candidate to have sought admission in an educational institution in the UK, one can come with provisional acceptance to a course. However, it is mandatory that the applicant has clear idea as to what course he or she has planned to pursue and why.
  • The applicant must also know the names and details of the universities he or she is considering for his or her education. Vague idea of the qualifications or unspecified institution does not suffice for approval of the entry.
  • One has to establish one’s intention to start an educational course within six months of entering the country.
  • He or she must also establish to leave the country if he or she has not started the course at the end of six months.
  • As with other temporary visas, the applicant must furnish proof to show that he or she can support himself or herself financially without depending on the public funds or seeking employment.
  • All the expenses, including travel, accommodation, and education should be taken care of by the applicant. If any family members (dependants) are accompanying the candidate, the proof for their support should also be submitted.

How to Apply for UK Prospective Student Visa

To apply for the prospective student visa, one has to fill and file the form VAF3A. Any family member accompanying the candidate should apply through the form VAF3B. The UK Border Agency website has these forms for online filing or for downloading. There are regulations as to who can apply online and who should apply by printing and completing the form based on the applicant’s country. The application fee for this visa is £76.

UK Prospective Student Visa Terms

The prospective student visa holder must start a course within six months and transfer the visa to Tier 4 (Point Based System). The visa holder should not take up any kind of job while on this visa.

If a candidate has been rejected entry clearance under UK prospective student visa, he or she has the right to appeal, provided he or she has been accepted by an institution for a course that spans more than six months. An appeal can also be made on discrimination or human rights grounds. One cannot appeal if one has not been accepted for a course yet or if the course is for less than six months.