UK Post Study Visa

Post Study UK Visa

International students who qualify under the Tier-1 category are granted to stay in UK though the UK post study visa. This visa has been created to retain the best international talent that was educated in the UK. This point based system is mainly for people from outside of Europe. This visa allows the candidate to go on a job hunt without a sponsor. Once the candidate finds a job he or she needs to transfer to another Tier.

UK Post Study Visa Requirements

Only those who are in the UK under the following status can apply for this category,

  • Nursing student
  • Thesis student
  • Examination re-sitting student
  • General student
  • Tier 4 student
  • Dentist or PG doctor
  • SEGS
  • IGS
  • FT: WISS

Further, to qualify for this visa, the student must score 95 points. The different categories of these points include,

  • 75 in Attributes
    • UK Qualification
    • Qualification from a UK Institution
    • Studied under valid immigration category
    • Application made within 12 months of qualification
  • 10 in English Language (75 points in attributes will earn these 10 points automatically)
  • 10 in Maintenance (Sufficient funds to take care of one’s stay in the country)

Visa requirements vary for people from the Isle of Man or Channel Islands.

How to Apply for UK Post Study Visa

To apply for the visa, the application form VAF9 and Appendix 4 have to be duly filled and filed online or by post. If the applicant is in the UK, the application can even be made in person. Such an application has to be made at least one month before the current visa expires.

The application fee from inside the UK by post is £594, £297, and £550 for the main applicant, his or her partner or child (under 18) if they are accompanying, and his or her partner or child (under 18) if visiting later, respectively. The fee when paid in person is £918, £459, and £850, respectively. When made from outside the country, it is £474 for each of them.

UK Post Study Visa Terms

Public funding will not be provided for the stay during this period. The Tier-1 visa allows the candidate to stay for two years in the country. Before it expires, he or she must switch to another Tier. No extension is permitted. Direct application for permanent residence is also not allowed under this visa.

If the UK post study visa application made from within the UK has been rejected, the applicant can log an appeal. If the application was made from outside the UK, the applicant qualifies only for administrative review.  The authorities, along with the visa refusal information will send the qualification status for the appeal, accompanying rights, and the appeal forms.