UK Medical Visitor Visa

UK medical visitor visa is a coveted visa mainly owing to the high-quality health care system in the country. The government has made special provisions for individuals to receive good medical treatment through this arrangement.

UK Medical Visitor Visa Requirements

  • Necessary arrangements for consultation and treatment are in place.
  • Sufficient financial support to meet the treatment expenses has been arranged.
  • Enough money is available for travel and accommodation in the country
  • He or she intends to leave the country after the treatment
  • There is proof from the doctor for the condition requiring treatment in the UK.
  • The Medical Inspector is satisfied that the applicant has no communicable diseases.
  • He or she will not be undertaking any form of employment or educational course in the country
  • He or she will not indulge in any business or sports or entertainment activities or events.

The applicant must establish undoubtedly that he or she will not avail public funds for his or her treatment or stay in the country. In addition to all this, the applicant must meet the requirements of the general visitor visa.

How to Apply for UK Medical Visitor

One can apply for the visa online or print out the form VAF1G and complete it. Biometric information (facial image and fingerprints) need to be provided at a nearby UK Immigration centre as part of the application process. The application fee for the visa processing is £76 to be paid while submitting the application online or while sending the documentation to the Immigration office. The application form and the supporting information can be found at the official website of the Home Office UK Border Agency.

UK Medical Visitor Visa Terms

The medical visitor visa will be awarded for six months initially. However, with sufficient proof that the treatment requires further time in the country, the visa can be extended. Even this time, the documentation about the medical treatment, financial support, etc., for the extended stay needs to be furnished. Application for extension should be made minimum of four weeks prior to the expiry of the visa. The extension visa fee would be £550 by post and £850 in person. There are additional fees for partners or children.

In case the UK medical visitor visa application has been rejected, the applicant gets no right to log an appeal.