UK Medical Treatment Visa

Medical Treatment Visa is a certificate issued by the UK for private medical treatment.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical Treatment Visa

A person for medical treatment Visa must have enough money for the treatment as well as to live without working and getting any help from the public funds. The person should also have to make the suitable arrangements for the consultation and treatment. Also, he/she must be able to convince the authorities that he would return to their country after completion of the treatment.

How to Apply for Medical Treatment Visa

Interested persons should submit the documents from the medical practitioner which relates how long the treatment will continue. They also have to submit the bank statements which prove that they can afford for the whole treatment without taking help from the public funds or working in UK.

Reasons for Rejection of Medical Treatment visa

 Prospective persons can be denied visa if they give wrong information or they are unable to show the liquid assets to finance the whole treatment and accommodation. Once the application is rejected the immigration officer he will tell the reason why the application is being rejected.

Length of stay and Extension

Normally, the duration of a medical treatment visa is not more than 6 months. However, medical treatment visa can be extended in cases where the wound takes time to heel. For that, he has to contact UK Border Agency and the applications are sending by either post or person himself can contact the Public Enquiry Office.

The person has to apply for the extension of the visa before the date of the permission ends. At the UK Border Agency website he/she has to download the form FLR(O) and fill this along with the other testimonials like passport, letter from the practitioner that how long the treatment will continue, and the proofs that shows the person has already paid the money and have enough to continue further treatment.

Visitors and NHS Treatment

The persons who enter UK under visitor’s visa can’t take free medical treatment under the National Health Service upto the period they remain in UK as a visitor.