UK Marriage Visa

Marriage Visa is a certificate issued by the UK missions for candidates interested in getting married and settles down in Britain. This Visa also gives you permission to enter the country for settle down in the country after the marriage.

Eligibility criteria for UK Marriage Visa

A prospective candidate for Marriage Visa must be 21 years of age. Both the parties must legally marry to each other. The prospective candidate should also have enough resources for his accommodation as well as for his daily needs. They should not get involved in any kind of activity. He/she must declare the authorities that he/she would return to their nation after the expiry of the visa.

In case of the dependants the children of the couples who are above 18 years of age can apply for the visa at the same time when the main applicant is applying but this visa is valid for three years only. After the expiry of the visa if the person meets the residence requirements then he can apply for the citizenship to remain in the country. Spouse or unmarried partner can apply for a dependency visa only if he is a Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) visa holder.

How to Apply for UK Marriage Visa

Interested candidates can apply for a marriage visa either through post, courier, in person or online. Every person can obtain the application form for free of cost from Visa Application Centers (VAC) existing all over the world to apply for an UK visa. VACs will promote your application to the UK mission in that country which has the right to issue or reject visa.

Benefits of Marriage Visa to UK

Marriage visa allows the spouse to join them in the country and both the partners need not require work permit to take up an employment in Britain. They can join any kind of work as there are no restrictions by the country.

Reasons for Rejection of UK Marriage Visa

Prospective candidates can be denied visa if they give wrong information regarding age or withhold some important information. The prospective candidate can also be denied visa if they are unable to show the liquid assets to finance the accommodation and the basic needs.

Length of Stay and Extension UK Marriage Visa

Normally, the duration of a marriage visa is not more than 2 years. However, marriage visa can be extended in cases where the prospective candidate wants to settle down permanently in the country. For that, he has to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).