UK Fiance Visa

UK fiance visa is given to those who get married to a permanent resident of the UK or a citizen of UK. The UK resident or citizen can apply and sponsor the visa for his or her fiance.

How to Apply for UK Fiance Visa

To apply for the visa one has to fill up the application form available online. After filling the application, one has to take a copy of it to get appointment for the biometric screening. This information is needed to file the application. After that, all the paperwork has to be gathered. Then, the applicant can file the application online by paying the application fee of £260. The paperwork needs to be sent to the local British embassy.

People can also take the help of an immigration agency to complete this process.

UK Fiance Visa Requirements

  • The applicant and the UK partner must be at least 21 years old.
  • The couple must prove that they are intending to enter the married life within six months from getting the visa.
  • It is mandatory that they have met each other before this process.
  • They must exhibit their intention of living together permanently.
  • The fiance must have a good financial standing or support.
  • All the travel and accommodation plans must be provided.

UK Fiance Visa Terms

The couple must get married within six months time. While on the fiance visa, the person is not allowed to undertake employment in the country. After marriage, the applicant can apply for the marriage visa, which is awarded for two years and allows the applicant to work in the UK during that period. After that two-year period, if the relationship continues, he or she can apply for Permanent Residence.

UK Fiance Visa Rejection

If the fiance visa application has been rejected, appeals can be logged using the IAFT-2 form. If applied from within the UK, the applicants need to log an appeal within 10 days of refusal. If it was done from outside the country, it is recommended that the applicants take help of an immigration advisory agency to help them with logging an appeal within 28 days of rejection. Such agencies will analyze the application, verify the paperwork, scrutinize the rejection paper, format the appeal and grant you an immigration representative to present your case to the UK Immigration court. It usually takes anywhere from six to nine months for the appeals to be complete.