UK Family Visa

Family Visa is a certificate issued by the UK missions to the persons who want to visit their close family relatives who are already settled in the UK. Family Visa gives you permission to enter the country for a particular duration.

Eligibility criteria for Family Visa

A prospective candidate for Family Visa must have got proof of ownership of the property. He/She must also satisfy the authorities that he/she will not indulge in any studies or employment during their visit. They also have to show the proof of established business and the bank statements which shows they can able to meet the expenses of onward and return journey as well as to fulfill their daily needs while residing in UK.

If they found in any kind of employment then they are either removed from the country or their visa can be shortened by the Immigration Authorities. Moreover the persons having family visa cannot invite their spouse/children to join them in the UK as their dependants. If they want to bring their spouse/children then they have to show their names while applying for the visa and the proof of the finance which satisfy their daily needs also without indulging in any kind of employment.

How to Apply for Family Visa

Interested person can apply for a family visa either through post, courier, in person or online. He can also collect the application form free of cost from Visa Application Centers (VAC) set up throughout the world to make it more convenient for people to apply for a UK visa. Once presenting the form, the VAC’s will promote your application to the UK mission in that nation which will then make a decision whether to give the visa.

Reasons for rejection of family visa

Persons can be denied visa if they give wrong information or unable to deposit the required proofs. The prospective candidate can also be denied visa if they are unable to show the required liquid assets to fulfill their daily needs. Once the visa is rejected then it will take a long time for an appeal to be considered by the senior Entry clearance officer. So it very much important to give an attention to each and every minor thing while applying for a visa.

Length of stay and Extension

Normally, the duration of a family visa is not more than 06 months and it cannot be extended in any case. However, family visa can be extended in cases where there is an emergency. For that, he has to apply for their extension of the further Leave to Remain to the Home Office. In case of family visa only Home office will grant a permission to stay in the UK after seeing the satisfied documents.

Under the Immigration rules family visa cannot be switched to any other category and they are issued on the responsibility that the persons concerned would return before the end of the duration of the visa and not indulge in any kind of other intention.