UK Entertainer Visitor Visa

To visit the United Kingdom as an entertainer, you need a special UK entertainer visitor visa. A relatively new category of the UK visa, it has been specially created to allow people who want to visit the country to take part in events like music competitions, arts festivals, charity events, and cultural shows in the United Kingdom.

UK Entertainer Visitor Visa Requirements

To be eligible for the UK entertainer visa, the candidate needs to meet the following basic requirements set by the authorities.

  • The visit must be only for a maximum of six months.
  • He or she must establish his or her intent of leaving the country once the visit is over.
  • He or she must furnish proof of financial support (sponsor letters) and other arrangements to take care of his or her travel and stay during the visit.
  • The visit must not be for educational purposes.
  • The entertainer must not charge for the services rendered in the country.
  • He or she needs to prove that except for any cash prize or the lodging and boarding expenses, no other payment will be accepted.
  • The entertainer must also furnish the exact details of the event; he or she is intending to participate.
  • The invitation and the proof of eligibility for the event need to be provided.

UK Entertainer Visitor Visa Terms

Entertainer visitor visa holders are allowed to stay in the country and take part in the programs for up to six months. For a longer stay or multiple entries the applicant has to consider other visa categories. The person can participate in music competitions as a professional. He or she can fulfill specific engagements as an amateur, individually or in a group. Such person can also attend a cultural program. The visa holder can be an official or a support staff in an entertainment group visiting the country. The entertainer can attend unpaid public appearances or broadcasts. One can also take part in an audition without an audience.

UK Entertainer Visitor Visa Processing

The main application fee is UK£76. It would take 1-12 weeks to get the visa processed. There are many requirements to be met and documents to be furnished for this visa processing. Taking the help of specialists in UK visa processing, will help one in being approved for the UK Entertainer Visitor Visa in no time.