UK EEA Citizen Family Visa

UK EEA citizen family visa is an entry clearance required for those dependants of EEA nationals, who are non-EEA nationals.  To enter and stay in the UK without being accompanied by the EEA national the person is not allowed into the UK. Generally, if they are accompanying the EEA national or visiting him or her in the UK, they do not need a visa. All they need is a permit.

UK EEA Citizen Family Visa Requirements

People who qualify to apply for such a visa must fall under one of the following relations to the EEA national,

  • Wife
  • Husband
  • Civil Partner
  • Unmarried partners (in a live-in relationship for a minimum of two years)
  • Legal Children under 21
  • Legal Grandchildren under 21
  • Parents
  • Grand Parents
  • Selected extended relations (those who lived with the EEA nationals in the same house)

The applicant must belong to one of the countries listed under the permitted countries by the UK Border Agency.

How to Apply for the UK EEA Citizen Family Visa (Permit)

Form VAF5 needs to be filled and filed to obtain the permit. Permit is given free of cost. There is the requirement of biometric information like with any other UK visa. The documents to be supplied include,

  • Proof of relationship of the applicant to the EEA national – e.g., marriage or birth certificate
  • Passport of the EEA national
  • EEA national’s declaration letter qualifying the applicant for a permit.

EEA Nationals who have been living in the United Kingdom for a period crossing three months need to provide the ‘qualified person’ evidence such as:

  • Employment contract and wage slips for  workers
  • Bank statements or audited accounts or contracts etc., for self-employed
  • Letter of enrollment from the institution for a student
  • Proof of sufficient financial support

UK EEA Citizen Family Visa Terms

The permit holders must accompany the EEA nationals or join them there. On the other hand, they need not be accompanied by the EEA national or meet him or her in the UK if they have a visa instead of a permit. Those entering the country through the UK EEA family permit are permitted to study or work in the country for the permit period of five years. Well before the permit expires, they can start the process for permanent residence.

People, who were rejected entry clearance under this category of UK EEA citizen family visa, have the right of appeal. To make an appeal within the UK, one needs to use the ATI-1 form. Applications made from outside the country must be appealed using the ATI-2.