UK Child Visitor Visa

UK child visitor visa is necessary for those visitors to the UK, who are under 18 years of age. It is a special visa and has some specific criteria to be met in addition to other general requirements.

Generally, children are allowed to visit friends and family in the United Kingdom. They can also travel to the country for education or as part of some exchange program. During such travels, they can be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or can also choose to travel alone. It is essential for these travelers to prove their reception, stay and care in the UK have been arranged, and that they have a guardian or parent who is responsible for them in their native country.

UK Child Visitor Visa Requirements

Following are the basic criteria to be met by the child visa applicants,

  • They must be under 18.
  • Their maximum duration of stay must be six months.
  • They must show proof of proper travel arrangements, accommodation and financial support.
  • Unaccompanied children must prove that they have the consent of a guardian or parent in the native country for their travel.
  • Accompanied minors must furnish details of the chaperone.
  • Those who have a chaperone’s name in their visa must travel with them.
  • They must meet the general requirements of any UK visitor’s visa.
  • If they are visiting the country to study a short course, the requirements for the “Student Visitor Visa” need to be met in addition to the above.
  • If the purpose of the visit is educational or an exchange, then the sponsoring school must meet the criteria set by the UK Border Agency.

UK Child Visitor VisaTerms

The visa holders can stay and experience the culture and life in the United Kingdom for six months. During this six months period, the visa allows multiple entries for the visa holder. While on this visitor visa, the children are prohibited from undertaking unpaid or paid employment in the country.

UK Child Visitor Visa Processing

There are several migration services to help one with the application and processing of the child visitor visas. Generally, it would take anywhere between 1 and 12 weeks to process the visa depending on various factors. The application fee set by the government is 76 UK Pounds.

The UK child visitor visa for a child wanting to visit the country along with an academic person can be granted for up to 12 months.