Types of Australian Parent Visas

Parent Visas – Best option for parents to live with their children in Australia permanently

People who wish to live closer to their children and relocate to Australia should apply for parent visa through parent migration or residence visa program. As soon as the Australia parent visa is granted the applicant’s spouse and other dependent family members will also gain the permanent residence and entitle to work and study as they wish without any restriction. The applicant gets all the retirement benefits from the government like medical and social security payments with the eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship.

Types of Australian parent visas:

Parents who like to live with their kids in Australia permanently can apply for Australia parent visa under two categories.

  • Parent (non-contributory) visa
  • Contributory parent visa

Both these visas are subject to capping and have the same eligibility criteria, but the main difference between them is the processing time. Unlike the Australia parent visa, the contributory visa applications are given high priority, require less waiting time and have more visa places available. Moreover, contributory Australia parent visa is associated with higher second visa application charge and requires substantial contribution of future health and welfare costs.


  • To sponsor the Australia parent visa the individual must be either a natural child, adopted or a stepchild and with age limit of above 18 years.
  • The sponsor must be Australian citizen, permanent inhabitant or eligible New Zealand citizen settled and living in Australia for at least two years.
  • Further the applicants of Australia parent visa should qualify the ‘balance of family’ clause in which half of their children must be living in Australia permanently or they must have more number of children living permanently in Australia than in any other particular country.
  • The applicant along with other family members wishing to migrate to Australia must satisfy the public interest requirements like health and character checks.
  • The applicant should get the approved assurance of support before the Australia parent visa is granted to make certain that he or she will not depend on the government welfare payments such as social security and disability for the next ten years.
  • Before applying for any one of the valid parent visa category, it is very important to withdraw the previously existing visa applications that are still pending by the department.

Aged Australian Parent Visas:

  • Generally, there is no restriction on age to apply for parent visa whereas to qualify for aged parent visa category, the applicant must have over 65 years for men and 63 for women.
  • Parents who live in Australia at the time of submitting application and satisfy the age requirement, may apply for aged Australia parent visa unless they are barred with the condition of ‘no further stay’ on their current visa.
  • An aged parent visa applicant will be entitled to Australian age pension and disability pension only after 10 years of the sanction of permanent residence.