Twilight Zone Day 2017

National Twilight Zone Day is celebrated on May 11.

About Twilight Zone

Popularized by the famous sci-fi TV series in America, the Twilight Zone is a mix of suspense, fiction, drama, horror, fantasy, and mystery. The zone is attributed to be the fifth dimension (of imagination), with the vastness of space and timelessness of infinity. Twilight finds its space somewhere in the middle of shadow and light, and superstition and science, and is beyond what humans know. The show became so popular because the audiences and fans were able to associate themselves with the characters of the show and were able to relate to the twilight zone occurrences.


There is no traceable origin of this holiday. Since the TV series was first aired between 1959 and 1964, it is an assumption that some fan’s started the day after 1959. May 11 is neither the first airdate of the series nor any special day of the series creator Rod Serling.  Hence, it is still a mystery as to why May 11 has been chosen for celebrating the Twilight Zone Day.


This is the perfect day to watch the TV series and dwell in that fifth dimension. People throw Twilight Zone parties where they dress up like the TV characters and run ‘The Twilight Zone’ marathon.

Twilight Zone Day 2017