Tree Dressing Day 2016

Would you fathom a world without trees? Would you want to live in a concrete jungle with no breathing space? If your image of the world is that of one lush green park with oceans gracing them and with rains cooling them down, Tree Dressing Day might just make sense for you. Celebrated in December, Tree Dressing Day forms an important part of our lives; in fact, it is so crucial to our living that you should do your part to perpetuate a healthy world.

What is Tree Dressing Day?

It is said that the origins of Tree Dressing Day could be traced to the episode of a woman who hugged a tree to prevent the king’s men from axing it down in the Himalayas. The legend has it that the woman was axed down for her initiative. But the episode did not go down the drain in vain – it has created awareness among people around the world to do their part in celebrating trees and the role that they play in making life worth celebrating.

Why Tree Dressing Day?

While the importance of trees can never be overemphasised, it remains a fact that most of us take trees for granted and give it not much more than a fleeting thought. Tree Dressing Day makes us realise that trees make us live, and give them the attention that they deserve. You could take part in the celebrations while having fun – unleash your imagination to dress up your favourite trees in all colours, ribbons, and other decorations that would celebrate the humble creations of God.  

Tree Dressing Day 2016