TN Nafta Work Visa Eligibilities

In the socio-economic and political scene, it is beneficial for countries to enter into trade agreements that would benefit each of the signatory countries’ economy and workforce. One of the agreements having that beneficial effect is the North America Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. The NAFTA was signed into a binding international agreement by the United States, Canada and Mexico. The NAFTA allows each signatory country to accept professional workers from each state for work available in each country. Say, the US allows Canadians and Mexicans to work in the US in certain professions included in the agreement. In order to regulate the entry of foreigners, US government issues the TN NAFTA work visa.

Eligibilities of TN NAFTA work visa demand that applicants must be citizens of Canada and Mexico. Thus, applicants must show documentation to prove their citizenship. TN NAFTA work visa is limited only to professions as stated in the treaty. Such profession include but not limited to accountant, animal breeder, biologist, computer systems analyst, dietician, engineer, epidemiologist, forester, geneticist, just to name a few.

Eligibilities of TN NAFTA work visa must prepare the following documentation:

  • Passport.
  • Non-visa application form.
  • A valid job contract to prove pending employment in the US.
  • Documentation to prove educational attainment.

Other documentation requirement includes professional licenses. The documentation requirement will depend on what state in the US are the applicants going to work and the profession they are applying for.

A more unified application procedure

During the inception of the NAFTA, US government imposed stricter requirements on Mexican applicants compared to their Canadian counterparts. Today, the US government is unifying the application system to make it uniform on both citizens.

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