Thunderdome Festival

Thunderdome is a music festival where one can enjoy genres like hardcore and gabber. This festival is organized by ID & T – a Dutch company in the entertainment business.


Before the concept for Thunderdome was conceived, ID & T organized a big rave music party cum festival called “The Final Exam”. This was a maiden attempt to bring hardcore and gabber music to a wider audience. The company later went on to organize music and dance events such as Mystery Land, Black and others, before the very first Thunderdome party.

The company also started compiling Thunderdome music in CD along with popular gabber items. The company has also put out other merchandise like t-shirts, jackets, baseball caps and energy drinks. ID & T was instrumental in popularizing hardcore music in the 1990s. They now face competition from other events by the organizers of raves like Masters of Hardcore.

ID & T took a break from the Thunderdome event and returned to doing its business of organising festivals and producing music in CD form for sale. The company has now started holding Thunderdome music parties twice a year, starting 2007.

Thunderdome events have been organized in other countries such as Germany, Spain, Belgium and Australia – all in the 1990s.

Check out the official website for more information about the event, venues, ticket prices and also on directions to the venue. One can also find information on where the music is available for purchase.

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