Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl

Theodor Herzl is also known as Hebrew. He was an Australian- Hungarian journalist and political activist. He was a renowned writer and a great drama writer. He was one of the founders of modern political Zionism. He made good efforts for the welfare of Jewish community. He set up World Zionist Organization and helped in the migration of Jews to Palestine so that a separate Jewish State (Israel) can be formed.

Birth: He was born on May 2, 1860 and died on July 3, 1904.


He was born in Pest, the flat part of Budapest. His family was a secular Jewish from Zimony. He was second child of his family. They were German Speaking assimilated Jews. His father was big businessman and running his house successfully. He got thrive childhood where everything was available. He had a general interest in the creative skills and in schools also he marked his presence well.


He spent some time in college and tried to learn science but did not succeed. He moved towards arts and humanities as he found them very interesting. He then studied Law. After graduation he wanted to make a career in the field of law. He was very good in his aptitude and acumen of understanding human behavior and it helped in performing at various places.


He started working in the University of Vienna in their legal department but it was a short lived assignment. After that he shifted in the line of literature and journalism to find his ways. He joined at  Viennian newspaper as a journalist and started making frequent trips to London and Istanbul for coverage. Herzl was fascinated with Zionism movement and decided to take active part in various initiatives. In the famous Uganda episode he proposes for the Jews to have separate state to live so that they can grow at international level.


Herzl saw a great vision of Jewish state where modern Jewish culture and the best practices of European heritage will be amalgamated in the most productive ways. He propounded a middle way between Capitalism and Social; aims resulting in the holistic development. He drafted a notable charter for Jewish Ottoman Land Company where he proposed that the company assign land to the Jewish Community. Those who’s land are been taken in Israel, will be compensated with equal portion of land in the Ottoman Empire. There were very positive impact off his efforts and corrective measures had been taken by relevant authorities. Though he was not alive to see the result of his works and efforts.


He has been recognized excellent journalist and playwright. His many works got appreciation and praise like:


  • The Jews’ State (Der Judenstaat)
  • The Old New Land (Altneuland)


  • Tabarin, comedy act in Vienna 1884
  • Wilddiebe, comedy act in co- authorship with H. Wittmann 1888
  • Prinzen aus Genieland, comedy act 1891
  • Das Newue Ghetto, drama act in Vienna 1898
  • Solon in Lydien, drama act in Vienna 1904

Theodor Herzl Quotes

If you will it, it is no dream.
- Theodor Herzl

Palestine is our unforgettable historic home. The very name would be a force of marvelous potency for summoning our people together.
- Theodor Herzl

It is true that we aspire to our ancient land. But what we want in that ancient land is a new blossoming of the Jewish spirit.
- Theodor Herzl

I prefer being penetrated by iron to seeing Palestine is loose.
- Theodor Herzl

The character of a people may be ruined by charity.
- Theodor Herzl

We are organizing Jewry for its coming destiny.
- Theodor Herzl