What is THEA Test?

THEA stands for “Texas Higher Education Assessment”. The THEA test is a common test used in Texas state for students entering into universities and colleges either in private or public institutions. The test concentrates on subjects such as Mathematics, Reading and Writing.

The test is mainly in a multiple choice based format and varies in the number of questions for each section. The Mathematics Section contains 50 multiple choice for which calculators are allowed to be used. The Reading Section has 40 multiple choice questions and the Writing Sections requires the candidate to write an essay of 300 – 600 words.

Eligibility / Qualifications

This test is mandatory for students who want to pursue their studies in the state of Texas. Foreign students too require a pass THEA certificate to get admission into any university in that state.


Preparation for the THEA test can be done by using various study materials that are present for students. Certain THEA study guides are available online along with THEA Flashcards. A lot of sites with sample tests related to the THEA tests are available for students to practice and for them to get an idea about the test. THEA even provides with certain practice tests for the students.


The tests are evaluated by various professionals to get an accurate score for the candidate. Having various professionals score the test helps to get a fair score as well.


The registration of the test can be done online or through mail. The admission tickets for the online registered candidates are sent via email. The candidates who have registered through mail can receive their admission tickets through the mail. If case of a late registration or an emergency only the online registration will be accepted whereas the mailing option isn't considered for that moment.


The site contains information related to the dates of the test upon which the candidates can choose the dates best suited to them to schedule the test. The seat though for the THEA test are limited and tend to get full very easily. Its is suggested that the candidates apply early to increase their chances of getting a seat at the location preferred to their convenience.


The results of the test will be given two weeks from the date of the examination. The test results will be sent only to the candidate who has given the test or the to the center where he/she has given the test or to the desired college where the candidate wishes to get an admission.

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