Thanksgiving Symbols

Thanksgiving Day is the second most popular holiday next to Christmas; hence it is interesting to delve into the details of thanksgiving symbols.

Turkey: Turkey is the centerpiece of every table during the celebration. The dinner is a reminder of the “Four Wild Turkeys” served during the first Thanksgiving feast.

Cornucopia: Cornucopia is a horn-shaped container, filled to the brim with items from the recent harvest.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin pie is a favorite dessert during thanksgiving. Historians have attributed the popularity of “pumpkin” as a to its historical significance as a symbol of the harvest festival.

Corn: It is one of the most popular thanksgiving symbols. Corn is a reminder of the importance and heritage of the harvest festival.

Cranberry: Cranberry remains a very important thanksgiving symbol till date. It was originally known as a “crane berry” as its pink blossoms and drooping head reminded the ancient pilgrims of a crane.

With Thanksgiving probably the second most popular holiday next to Christmas, it can be interesting and entertaining to examine the meaning and origins behind some of the holidays’ symbols.

Pumpkin Turkey Cornucopia
Pumpkin Turkey Cornucopia
Corn Cranberry Beans
Corn Cranberry Beans

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