Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

There is definitely more to thanksgiving than baking a bird in the oven and having it. Thanksgiving is a time to rejoice and celebrate with loved ones! Thanksgiving Decoration a key thing which makes the occasion even more special.

Thanksgiving Day is an occasion, where you can decorate the entire house from the front door to your thanksgiving dinner table. It is an opportunity to accentuate your home with decorations that emphasize Thanksgiving’s bounty. Realizing that you are always hungry for thanksgiving decoration ideas, we have a list of thanksgiving decoration ideas and Thanksgiving decoration tips.

Find below few Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas and 2013 Thanksgiving Decoration Tips

Autumn Door Wreath

Material Required for Autumn Door Wreath Thanksgiving Decorations :

  • A thick cardboard
  • Dry twigs
  • Water color paints
  • Thick thread
  • A pair of scissors

Method: Take a cardboard and cut it into a shape to form the word ‘autumn’. To from letters paint and twigs can be used and past then on cardboard, sew alphabets in a string and hang it on your door.

Pumpkin Centerpiece:

Material Required for Pumpkin Centerpiece Thanksgiving Decorations :

  • A ripe and fat pumpkin
  • Natural or colourful artificial vine
  • Golden/Yellow silk ribbons
  • Dried corn loops

Method: Wrap up a ready fat pumpkin with a natural or artificial creeper to form an instant and gorgeous showpiece. Include silk ribbons and dried corn samples which give a festive appearance to the banquet desk.

Dried Wheat Bundles:

Material Required for Dried Wheat Bundles Thanksgiving Decorations :

  • Bundle of dry wheat
  • Dried cone sticks
  • Wooden bowl/crystal vase
  • Colourful satin ribbons
  • A pair of scissors

Method: Cut the bundles of dried wheat in equal lengths and to form a beautiful bundle mix with dried cone stick. Using stain ribbons tie the bundle and set the bundles in crystal vase or wooden bowl. These can used to decorate table.

Cranberry Centerpiece:

Material Required for Cranberry Centerpiece Thanksgiving Decorations :

  • Silver /ordinary candle holder
  • Multi coloured silk/plastic ribbons
  • Silver/ordinary plate
  • Dried cones and leaves
  • Dried cranberries

Method: Warp silver candle holder with silk ribbons in different colors. Cover a plate with small dried cones and leaves, and put candle holder around with sprinkle dried cranberries in the center of the plate.

Clay Coasters:

Material Required for Clay Coasters Thanksgiving Decorations :

  • Self-hardening pottery clay
  • Glaze paper (of your choice)
  • Cardboard
  • Rolling pin
  • Scissors
  • Silver/Gold paint
  • varnish
  • Paintbrush


  • Make a model cardboard by cutting a 4-inch flower/square. Wrap it with a piece of Shining color paper.
  • Level the clay ball to 1/4-inch thickness with a rolling pin to all coasters.
  • Set a replica of leaves or pine needles at the top the clay and lightly push them into the clay with the rolling pin, to give special look but almost petty imitation.
  • Paint the clay leaves with silver/gold paint and allow it dry.
  • Add a coat of varnish to give shine to the leaves.
  • Fix them on the walls of the shiny finished cardboard.
  • Home-made coasters are set to utilize.

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