Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving Day 2016

When is Thanksgiving Day?


Thanksgiving Day in USA

Thanksgiving Day in Canada

November 24, 2005
November 23, 2006
November 22, 2007
November 27, 2008
November 26, 2009
November 25, 2010
November 24, 2011
November 22, 2012
November 28, 2013
November 27, 2014
November 26, 2015

November 24, 2016

October 10, 2005
October 9, 2006
October 8,, 2007
October 13 2008
October 12,, 2009
October 11 2010
October 10, 2011
October 8, 2012
October 14, 2013
October 13, 2014
October 12, 2015

October 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Proclamation

  • The First Thanksgiving Proclamation (1676)
  • Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1863)
  • Continental Congress Thanksgiving Proclamation (1782)
  • George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1789)

First thanksgiving proclamation in america?

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.


Thanksgiving Day, official public holiday in the U.S., initially celebrated in early regal times in New England. The real source, though, is perhaps the harvest festivals that are customary in a lot of parts of the world Festivals and Feasts. After the first harvest was finished by the Plymouth colonists in 1621, Governor William Bradford announced a day of thanksgiving and prayer, shared by all the colonists and nearby Native Americans. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock held their Thanksgiving in 1621 as a three day "thank you" festivity to the leaders of the Wampanoag Indian tribe and their families for coaching them the survival talent they desired to make it in the New World. It was their good luck that the custom of the Wampanoag’s was to treat any guest to their homes with a share of whatsoever foodstuff the folks had, even if provisions were short. It was also an remarkable stroke of luck that one of the Wampanoag, Tisquantum or Squanto, had turn out to be close friends with a British explorer, John Weymouth, and had learned the Pilgrim's words in his travels to England with Weymouth.

After the first New England Thanksgiving the tradition extended all the way through the colonies, but every province decided its individual date. In 1789 George Washington, the first president of the United States, announced November 26 a day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day continued to be celebrated in the United States on diverse days in different states until Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Godey's Lady's Book, resoluted to do somewhat about it. For more than 30 years she wrote mails to the senate and presidents requesting them to make Thanksgiving Day a nationwide holiday.

Finally, in 1863, President Lincoln issued a White House public statement calling on the "whole American people" wherever they lived to fuse "with one heart and one voice" in observing a particular day of thanksgiving. Setting apart the last Thursday of November for the reason, the President advocated for the prayers in the churches and in the homes to "beseech the interposition of the almighty had to heal the wounds of the nations and to restore it to full pleasure of calm, concord, serenity and unification." He also states that they articulate sincere thanks for the "blessing of fruitful fields and healthful skies."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt advanced Thanksgiving Day one week in 1939. Nevertheless, as some states used the new date and others the old, it was changed again 2 years afterward. Thanksgiving Day is at the present celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The foremost official celebration of Thanksgiving in North America was held by an English voyager, Martin Frobisher, who tried to found an English settlement on Baffin Island, after failing to discover a northern way to the Orient in 1576. Canada recognized the second Monday in October as a countrywide holiday, "a day of general thanksgiving," in 1957.

New York State adopted Thanksgiving Day as a yearly tradition, in 1817. By the middle of the 19th century a lot of other states also celebrated a Thanksgiving Day. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln selected a national day of thanksgiving. Since then each president has issued a Thanksgiving Day declaration, regularly assigning the fourth Thursday of each November as the holiday.

Celebration of Thanksgiving Day

The American customs of Thanksgiving orbit around a enormous and abundant meal, more often than not with Turkey as the attraction. For those who do not like Turkey, a Roast or Prime Rib is universal. As custom has it in the majority of the families, a particular prayer of thanks head the meal. In many homes, family members will each talk about something they are very grateful for. Thanksgiving is a occasion for folks to generate customs and reminiscences that last a life span.

In New York City, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade frequently mistakenly referred to as the "Macy's Day Parade" is held yearly every Thanksgiving Day from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Macy's flagship store in Herald Square. The procession features parade floats with detailed themes, scene from Broadway drama, huge balloons of cartoon characters and TV personalities, and high school marching group. The glide that conventionally ends the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the Santa Claus glide. This glide is a sign that the Christmas season has commenced.

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Thanksgiving Day Pictures

Thanksgiving Pictures Thanksgiving day Pictures Thanksgiving Photos
Thanksgiving day photos Thanksgiving Pics Thanksgiving images

Thanksgiving Day Activites

  • Games For Kid
  • Jokes For Thanksgiving
  • Poems For Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Songs
  • Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Crack Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Symbols

  • Pumpkin
  • Turkey
  • Cornucopia
  • Corn Corn
  • Cranberry
  • Beans

Thanksgiving Day Crafts For Kids

  • The Pilgrim Hat
  • Thanksgiving Wreath
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Craft
  • The Cornucopia
  • The Fall leaves
  • Candle Craft
  • Stuffed Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving Day Recipes

  • Thanksgiving Video Recipes
  • Thanksgiving Baking & Desserts
  • Leftover Turkey Soups
  • Leftover Turkey Salads
  • Leftover Turkey Sandwiches
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers
  • Thanksgiving Entrees
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  • Thanksgiving Stuffing / Dressing
  • Thanksgiving Side Dishes
  • Thanksgiving Turkey
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Thanksgiving Day Gifts Ideas

  • Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements
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  • Thanksgiving Fruits Basket
  • Thanksgiving Puzzles or Games
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  • Thanksgiving Chocolates

Thanksgiving Day Decoration Ideas & Tips

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

  • Menu
    • Seethed [boiled] Lobster
    • Roasted Goose
    • Boiled Turkey
    • Fricase of Coney
    • Pudding of Indian Corn Meal with dried Whortleberries
    • Seethed Cod
    • Roasted Duck
    • Stewed Pumpkin
    • Roasted Venison with Mustard Sauce
    • Savory Pudding of Hominy
    • and Fruit and Holland Cheese.
  • Recipes
    • Thanksgiving Appetizers
    • Thanksgiving Desserts
    • Thanksgiving Side Dishes
    • Thanksgiving Candy
    • Thanksgiving Turkey
    • Vegetarian Thanksgiving
  • Ideas
    • Turkey
    • Cranberry Sauce
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Potatoes
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Tips to Prevent Overeating on Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Drink Water
  • Nothing like the fresh salad
  • Have a small meal before going to the Thanksgiving dinner
  • Go for the roasted turkey
  • Savor the fresh Cranberry sauce
  • Do not forget to exercise

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Thanksgiving Day 2016