2016 Thanksgiving Day in UK

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually fundamentally in the United States and its fellow nations by gathering with friends and family to thank God. This day falls on the second Monday of October each year, and stretches to a three-day long weekend because of the customs and traditions associated with it. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in all the countries it is celebrated in, with a day-off to school, work, business, and also the transport service for the people.


The Thanksgiving Day in United Kingdom is celebrated as a harvest festival, also observed by the Americans and Canadians. This day is a religious honoring to convey a feeling of gratitude to God for the year's plentiful and fruitful harvest, and thanking family and friends for their love and support.

The origins of Thanksgiving Day traces back to Europe when an explorer, Martin Frobisher, returned from an unsuccessful quest of finding a link to the northern passage from Europe to Asia. The first Thanksgiving day was celebrated in North America by him when he arrived in the Newfoundland in the year 1578. He wanted to thank God for his safe arrival to the New World.

How is UK Celebrated?

The Thanksgiving Day in UK is celebrated by preparing a special meal of large roasted turkey, which is a native American species, along with cranberry sauce, stuffing, with veggies like masked potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, peas, carrots, winter squash, yams, or rice. A variety of different pies with apple, mincemeat, pumpkin, and pecan form the dessert menu. Gifts are also exchanged on this day which includes flowers, jewelery, baked cookies, candy, and wine.

Many towns and cities of the United Kingdom stage spectacular parades on this day. Many people are on the roads to enjoy the decorated floats, the costumes, the music, the heavy expansive balloons with the parade bidding adieu through a Santa Claus passing the audience.

Many restaurants in the UK offer a special menu on the Thanksgiving Day, of which all the ingredients are readily available, but many families choose to prepare their special Thanksgiving Day meals at home and enjoy it with family and friends.

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2016 Thanksgiving Day in UK