Thanksgiving Day in Canada 2016

Canada Thanksgiving Day 2016 Date - 10th October

Thanksgiving day is an annual day-off celebrated by gathering with friends and family to thank God, and is basically celebrated in the United States and Canada. This day is commemorated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada- the same day as Columbus Day in the U.S; and in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. Because of the long traditions and customs associated with this Day, the celebration usually prolongs to the weekend that falls nearest to the day Thanksgiving day is celebrated.

The Thanksgiving day in Canada is a national public holiday with all the schools and offices closed, including stores and the business organizations. The public transport services for people may run to a minimum or may not run at all.


The history of Thanksgiving day in Canada dates back to 1578 when an explorer, Martin Frobisher  successfully returned from an unsuccessful quest to find a northern passage from Europe to Asia. After returning, he declared a formal ceremonial occasion in Newfoundland to thank God for surviving the long journey; and years later, this tradition continued as more refugees began to come to the Canadian colonies. 

During the 18th Century, many thanksgivings were held in remarkable events. The custom of annual thanksgiving in Canada paced up when refugees began to scarper from the civil war in United States. Although the Thanksgiving day was celebrated every year from 1879, the date of celebration however varied with a special theme every year.

Initially, the theme of Thanksgiving day in Canada was “ Blessings of an abundant harvest “ which continued for several years, but however, it changed to Queen Victoria's golden and diamond jubilees, while the theme of King Edward VII's enthronement was followed in the later years.

How is This Day in Canada Celebrated?

This day falls on the second Monday of October, and often stretches to three days to visit family and friends. Many people also prefer to prepare a special meal to eat at the long weekend, which traditionally includes roast turkey and seasonal produce such as pumpkin, corn ears and pecan nuts. The meal may also consists of other foods if the family is of non-European origin.

The Thanksgiving day in Canada is also a popular time to take a short autumn vacation for people to use their cottages and homes before the traces of winter season. Other popular activities to do on this day include: outdoor breaks to value the beautiful colors of Canadian autumn ; hiking; and fishing. 

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Thanksgiving Day in Canada 2016