Thanksgiving Day in Australia

Thanksgiving day is a holiday celebrated annually in May, primarily in Australia, United States and Canada; each year on the day before Pentecost Sunday since 2004 after the Governor-General of Australia, Major General Michael Jeffery launched this event at a function at Government House in Canberra. The Thanksgiving day was first celebrated in Australia on 29 May, 2004.

The Thanksgiving day is an incomparable opportunity to Australians to celebrate and give thanks to God for having given values of respect, esteem, gratefulness and gratitude toward  fellow man for making their nation great. This day is special for all as they thank each other for all the things that are acknowledged and makes life worth living.

How is This Day Celebrated in Australia?

Thanksgiving day in Australia is celebrated at a local level in communities across the country with the churches organizing celebrations harmonious to their town, city or region. This day provides a great opportunity to Australians to meet and reconnect in an affirming way with the community they live in and serve best.

Thanksgiving day serves the mission statement “Thanking God. . . thanking each other” which focuses on thanking God and fellow man finding ways to celebrate and show admiration. The “Thanking God” portion of the mission statement is the Australian Worships that usually takes place on the Saturday night of the Thanksgiving day or may also include a special segment in the Sunday services to thank God for the nation you are living in.

The Australian Thanksgiving day is regarded as an opportunity rather than an event encouraging people to be as creative as they can be for the blessings of your community. This day can  be celebrated individually, or in groups or as a whole.

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Thanksgiving Day in Australia