Texas A&M University

Established: 1871 Type: Flagship state university
Endowment: 1870 President: Dr. Elsa Murano
Endowment: US $5.6 billion (Systemwide) Provost: Dr. Jerry Strawser
Faculty: 2,500 Students: 46,540
Undergraduates: 37,357 Postgraduates: 5,364
Doctoral students: 3,314 Location: College Station, Texas, U.S.
Campus: Urban, 5,200 acres (20 km²) Colors: Maroon and White          
Nickname: Aggies Mascot: Reveille VII
Website: www.tamu.edu Affiliations: AAU, Big 12

Texas A&M University - or TAMU or A&M a co-ed community research university is situated in College Station, Texas. This university is the flagship association of the Texas A&M University Organization. It released in 1876 since the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, the initial community institute of higher edification in the state. After some time in 1963, the Texas Government renamed the academy to Texas A&M University to imitate the association’s extended roles and educational offerings.
Texas A&M University (TAMU) provides degrees in above 150 programs of study throughout 10 colleges and residences 18 research institutions. Texas A&M University has honored above 320,000 degrees, consists of 70,000 professional and graduate degrees.

History of Texas A&M University

The Texas Government recognized Texas A&M in 1871 the same as the Mechanical and Agricultural academy of Texas which is identified as Texas A.M.C. The U.S. Congress endowed the novel land-grant academy, the state’s initial community organization of higher edification, during the Morrill Act in 1862.

The status committee recognized Texas A&M in Brazos County, which contributed 2,416 acres close to Bryan, Texas. Curriculum started on 4th October, 1876 through 40 learners and 6 talented members.

In 1880s, various Texas inhabitants saw no requirements for two academic in Clamored and Texas for an ending of Texas A.M.C. and in 1891, Texas A&M University was accumulated from potential closing by the novel president Lawrence Sullivan Ross, earlier ruler of Texas and well-respected Confederate Brigadier General. Lawrence made several improvements to the academy and staffing doubled to 467 trainees as parents sent their kids to Texas A&M “to study to be similar to Ross”. He expired in 1898, and a figurine was raised before what is currently Academic Plaza to respect Ross and his attainments in the record of the academy.

Texas A&M University Academic

Texas A&M University is considered one of the best 10 biggest American Universities. Texas A&M University has an employment of 46,542 learners following degrees in 10 educational colleges. The learner body represents every 50 U.S states and 128 abroad countries. Texas inhabitants report for 86.31 % of the learner populace as 27.2% are both of international source or members of national minority groups. The learner body includes 53.1%men and 46.9%.
Texas A&M University (TAMU) always ranks amid the top 10 community universities every year in an employment of National Merit learners. Consistent with the College Board, in 2006 inflowing freshman division including 46% learners in the best 10 % of their  undergraduate class, 90% in the apex half and 77% in the apex quarter. The focus 50 % freshmen had an unusual SAT score flanked by 1580, 1900 and ACT score amid 23 and 28.
The Dwight Look College of Engineering has the leading employment of 20.5%. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Liberal Arts pursue, enrolling 14% and 15% of the learner body, respectively. Further The College of Education and Human Development joins 12%; Mays Business Academy joins 11 %. University with fewer than 10% employment comprises the George Bush School of Government and Public Service, the College of Science, the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and the College of Architecture. About 8 % of the learner body has not affirmed a major.

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Texas A&M University Fee Details
To be charged beginning with the Spring 2004
Application fee, graduate, $25.00
Bachelor’s graduation. $20.00 
Certificate plan (non-refundable). $7.00
copy Diploma fee, $15.00
Late installment finance payment. $15.00
Late emergency finance payment. $25.00 
Late temporary book loan payment. $10.00
Non-refundable finance application fee. $10.00 
Master’s graduation. $20.00
revisited check charge. $25.00 
Transcription (Official - per copy). $3.00
Texas A&M University Campus

The Texas A&M University campus is intersected through a railroad way derived by Union Pacific. The locale east of the ways which is known as Main Campus consists of building for the Texas A&M University academy of architecture, science, geosciences, liberal arts, engineering and education.  And the railroad ways lies the West Campus, which consists of most of athletics facilities, agricultural programs, veterinary college, the business school, and the George Bush Presidential Library and 2 academy surrounded by the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. And the Research Park, the district of West Campus beside Kimbrough Boulevard, comprises several research facilities.

 Texas A&M University Activities

Texas A&M University has about 800 students associations, as well as service, Greek, religious and academic and main interested associations. Orientation course supports students to become occupied in campus actions and associations from the commencement. According to campus survey 2005, 74% students were at present occupied with as a minimum one association. And 88% contributed in the campus association in the past.
The Student Government Association-SGA, the biggest organizations of A&M including 1200 student components in 14 committees, 4 commissions and 3 branches. SGA has altered modest since 1972, apart from its comparative location within the bureaucrat framework of the academy.

Texas A&M University Sports

A charter associate of the Southwest Conference awaiting its closure in 1996, Texas A&M University at present participated in the Big 12 Conference. The academy’s 20 athletics teams are identified as Aggie; the colors of academy are white and maroon. May 2008, Aggies have received 128 Southwest and Big 12 seminar usual-season and competition titles and main 5 team nationwide championships. The soccer team of women, created in 1993, received 12 successive NCAA Tournament forms from 1995 to 2006. And the volleyball team of women received 12 successive NCAA Tournament forms from 1993 to 2004, proceeding past the initial round every time. In the semester of 2006-07, seven Aggie athletics teams Big 12 Championships: women's basketball, women's outdoor track and field, women's indoor track and field, women's swimming and diving, women's golf, women's soccer. In 2004 games illustrated on university grounds graded Olsen Field "the best college baseball venue". Owing to the superiority of Texas A&M University athletics series, Sports Illustrated graded the university 46th, in the 2002 scrutiny of “America’s Best Sports College” and th4 College Station the ninth finest college athletics town.