What is TEAS Test?

TEAS stands for “Test of Essential Academic Skills”. The main goal of this test is to separate out the strengths and weakness of the candidates and based on that the questions are formed. It is a test used for students entering into the nursing school to determine the students knowledge in four different subjects – Math , Science, English and Language. The question paper is a multiple choice based and caters separately to each section. The total of 170 questions are allocated to the candidate to answer within a span of 3 hours and 29 minutes to be precise.

Certain nursing schools use TEAS test as a means of their admission process. The entrance test for those colleges are based on the TEAS test results itself.

Eligibility / Qualifications

The test isn't restricted to certain people with certain qualification or from a certain background as well. It is open to students who want to pursue their career in nursing.


An id proof is required along with the candidates social security number.


The TEAS test is made to derive the knowledge already existing in the candidate and is not about solving hard brain teaser questions. Hence, a candidate can easily prepare for the test, and can even pass the test quite easily. The preparation for the test is purely based on what the candidate already knows and isn't about finding out what all he/she doesn't know. So focusing on the basics is a very crucial factor. Study materials and practice tests are available at the site where they have to be purchased for.


To apply for the TEAS test one can go to the “ati testing” site where information about the test is mentioned and a phone number is provided to schedule a test.


Scheduling a test is done over the phone, the number is provided online for the candidates and just over the phone the test can be schedule and arranged.


The TEAS test results will be made available 48 hours from the time the test is given.

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