Teacher Appreciation Day 2017

The National Teacher Appreciation Day falls in the first week of May every year, especially the first Tuesday of the week is a day dedicated to honor educators, and recognize the important role they play in shaping future citizens of the country.   For students and children it is an opportunity to show their appreciation to their teachers. For the local communities and organizations it is an opportunity to show their understanding and approval of the teachers who teach and guide their children.


Though Teacher’s Day was celebrated it was only in 1980 that Congress officially declared May 7th as a National Teacher’s Day, further lobbying resulted in the National Education Association Representative Assembly vote to change the occasion to the first full week of May.


  • Students make banners and posters for the Teacher Appreciation Day, filled with short poems, thank you messages, jokes and drawing.
  • Students write poems, short thank you notes, make cards, for their teachers.
  • Artwork like paper flowers, pen stands, chalk box and other craft items are made by the students for their teachers.
  • Hang a banner in each classroom honoring the teacher by name, decorate classrooms and offer a balloon bouquet to the teacher.
  • Students perform a small play for the teachers, read short poems and let the teachers enjoy the day by doing everything themselves from acting to organizing.
  • Students decorate the teacher staff room.
  • The NEA holds a seminar on the key issues that dominate the teaching profession in the present age.
  • Six NEA members will compete in Jeopardy’s First teacher tournament
  • Thousands of Thank you cards sent by ex students from all over will be displayed on a huge mural.
  • Celebrities name the teachers who have influenced them.
  • Parents and Children nominate a Classroom Superhero, a Teacher who inspired the children the best.
  • The local community can run congratulatory teacher thank you messages in prominent places.
  • The local businesses offer discounts to teachers.
  • The Chamber of Commerce and other city officials host a lunch for teachers.
  • The local media can print inspiring articles on teachers, have a celebrity talk about special teachers, and write about all the volunteer work teachers do.
  •  Book space on a radio show and have students write a script for that slot.  Use the slot to remind the general public of teacher’s contributions.
Teacher Appreciation Day 2017