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I can trust in Jesus. And this Gospel that we preach does work. So those who are hurting and suffering today, hang in there. The sun will shine again.

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Religious people today are courts and juries. When it comes down to it, Jesus died on the cross so that we could learn to love others like we love ourselves, not judge them or persecute them.

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I talk to God every single day. And I say, 'God, my life is in your hands, and I trust you with me.'

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Don't let fear rule your life. Live one day at a time, and never be afraid.

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I don't think God cares what you put in your body or on your body.

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There's a verse in the Bible says, 'In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.' And what brings me peace is the scripture.

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I don't want my faith level to go up or down. And so I don't fear.

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I've been very ill. You just have to trust the Lord.

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I think people need to know that there's great peace and joy in knowing the Lord - the Lord Jesus Christ - as your savior.

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Sometimes, poor people don't smell too good, so love can have no nose.

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I wish people could have seen what they called our mansion. They would have been so disappointed, because it was just an old house that we fixed up, and I love the old house.

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I believe when I leave this earth, because I love the Lord, I am going straight to Heaven.

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Honey, God loves everybody. It's human beings who mess things up.

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That's a real secret. You can trust God. I feel I love the Lord with all of my heart, and he will not put more on me than I can bear. And so I always say, 'Lord, I trust you with me.' So I figure, anything that happens in my life, I must be able to bear it, or he wouldn't allow it to happen.

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