Symphony of Fire 2016

Symphony of Fire is a firework exhibition festival celebrated annually around the globe especially in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario and Canada. This multi-day fireworks are maneuver of music to be presented in English Bay in Vancouver at Lake Ontario.

Symphony of Fire 2016 Information

  • When: End of July to Mid of august
  • Where: English Bay, Vancouver, Canada.

History of Symphony of Fire

Symphony of Fire was previously sponsored by British American Tobacco; faced restrictions from the tobacco advertising agencies as legislated by the federal of Canadian government in the year 2000 had a threat that it would not have sufficient funds to continue its operations. Eventually, the sponsorship was handed over to HSBC under the brand name HSBC Celebration of Light.

British American Tobacco brought to the notice of Ontario Place Corporation, the hosts of the Toronto exhibition that they could take the prestige to continue holding this yearly event on a condition of a different umbrella name as the Symphony of Fire held by Benson and Hedges. Since then, this event has been re-named as the Canada Dry Festival of Fire and is celebrated in South Africa by the same name as sponsored by a local radio station.

In the year 2000 and 2006, Symphony of Fire took place in Cape Town, the participant countries of which were Spain, Canada and South Africa in which South Africa won the title of Symphony of Fire on April 8.

Major Attractions of Symphony of Fire

Held during July and August, the Symphony of Fire festival is a bottle-neck competition to the musical fireworks in which three companies participate for the title “Master of Fire and Synchronity”. Generally, Canada plays the host and invites other two countries each of which are allowed a night of their own during which they have to put in their best musical show forward to compete with the opponent on the final night. The bright colors and music gives the sky and ambience an amazing view to the masses to enjoy this beautiful celebration.

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