Surin Elephant Round Up 2016

Event Name :Surin Elephant Round-Up Festival
Start Date : November 19th, 2016
Venue :Surin, Thailand

Surin of Thailand

Surin Elephant Round-Up

Surin Elephant Round Up is an annual elephant festival that is usually celebrated in the third week of November in the county of Surin, Isan, Thailand. Initiated in the year 1960, people of Surin are known for their ability and talent for capturing and training them as working elephants. The history of Thailand has laid great importance of elephants as they held and graced their national flag during the supremacy of King Rama II. Since then, this festival is held annually to support, honor, strength, and contribute to the elephants.

Where Does Surin Elephant Round Up Take Place?

The elephants are trained to entertain the masses by playing soccer, tug-of-war against people, and to display their skills. This fest is enjoyed by people of all ages, both small and young.

History of Surin Elephant Round Up

The history of this festival dates back to the year 1960 when elephants contributed to the victory of King Rama II by holding the country’s national flag. Since then, elephants have been considered as a symbol of victory, triumph and success.

Significance of Surin Elephant Round Up

The morning of this festival consists of Elephant Breakfast followed by the marching of 300 elephants through the city of Surin from railway station towards the Elephant roundabout at the southern end of the city on the Prasat road. Some elephants carry officials while some others mount back tourists. Few elephants mount mahouts clad in authentic battle outfits. This march is combined with school children and teachers dressed up in traditional form, dance and playing music.

The banquet begins once all the elephants arrive and as soon as the elephants clear the fruit tables, the leftover of which people take back to their homes. The mahouts and elephants gather at the Elephant stadium to perform and re-enact the battle of the past century.

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