Supreme Sacrifice Day 2016

37 days, 9 hours, 14 minutes, 41 secs left until Supreme Sacrifice Day on Friday, 18th March, 2016

March 18th is officially recognized as the Supreme Sacrifice Day in the United States. This Day recognizes the innumerable individuals who stood up in the face of adversity and challenged the norms, made their supreme sacrifice to enable the future generations lead a better life.

 These brave men were selfless in their deeds and were least hesitant to even die for the sake of others. History is filled with countless examples of heroics of men who by their supreme sacrifices have shaped civilizations, changed the course of history and ended the misery of many.

Central figure of Christianity, Jesus Christ gave up his life on the cross for the betterment of mankind, countless soldiers laid down their lives in the battlefield to bring peace for others, then there are the freedom fighters all over the world who have fought the oppressive regimes to garner freedom for their motherland, and also there are the neighborhood law enforcement officers, fire fighters who have shed blood of their own saving others and the list goes on.

So on this day, take out some time of your own to remember these great sons of soil, cherish their memories, pay homage to them by sparing a moment of silence because our existence has been shaped by the blood of these gallants.

Supreme Sacrifice Day 2016