Sun Yat Sen Biography

Sun Yat Sen Biography

Influence of Western Christianity on Sun Yat Sen

Sun Yat-sen, was a Chinese revolutionary, who was born near Guangzhou into a farmers family. He studied at the Anglican Boys School in Honolulu, where he was influenced by Western education and Christianity. He earned a diploma in 1892 from a Hong Kong medical school, and started practicing medicine. He became a part of those activities which were devoted to overthrowing the Ch'ing dynasty and founding a permanent Chinese republic.

Revolutionary Works of Sun Yat Sen

Sun escaped to China in 1895, after the revolt was unsuccessful, and travelled the entire world number of times to avail the aid of overseas Chinese in funding his activities. He studied intensively the Western political and sociology and was very much influenced with the writings of Karl Marx and Henry George. Sun established a revolutionary league in the year 1905, the “T'ung Meng Hui”, in Japan and subsequently mastered his political missions that were driven by the Three People's Principles: nationalism, democracy, and the people's livelihood. Revolution evoked in China, and Sun was appointed provisional president of the Chinese republic in December, 1911. He resigned after two months. Sung Chiao-jen developed the T'ung Meng Hui and metamorphosed it into a federated political party naming the Kuomintang, Sun was appointed to serve as its director.

Political Contributions of Sun Yat Sen

In 1913 Sun headed an aborted revolt against Yüan, and found shelter in Japan, where he reinforced the Kuomintang. He came back to China in 1917, and was elected president of a self-proclaimed national government at Guangzhou in S China in the year 1921. To consolidate the military strength, he developed the Whampoa Military Academy, which is currently called Huangpu Military Academy in collaboration with Chiang Kai-shek, Wang Ching-wei and Hu Han-min. To expedite the conquest of China in the year 1924, he started a policy of active support to the Chinese Communists and he took the assistance of the USSR in reinforcing the Kuomintang.

Other Contributions of Sun Yat Sen

After the death of Sun, the Communists and the Kuomintang split, who claimed to be his real heirs. His wife, the former Soong Ch'ing-ling, whom he married, took up a high position in the government of Communist China. He penned San Min Chu I, Memoirs of a Chinese Revolutionary, and Fundamentals of National Reconstruction.

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