Suicide Prevention Day 2017

Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day that is observed on 10th of September of every year. This day is designated in order to provide a worldwide commitment & support to prevent suicides with the help of organizing various activities and events and also with appropriate actions. The endorsement of this day is done by International Association for Suicide Prevention and World Health Organization.

In the research done by these organizations it is observed that on an average 3000 people try to commit suicide in a day out of which more than 60% people are successful and the result is death. The sponsoring organizations promote and advocate the fact that there are always prevention measures that can be found to prevent such suicidal death and also to counter the suicidal behaviour. With the provision of adequate treatment and also regular and special care for the people who had tried to commit suicide, it is definitely possible to definitely curb down the percentage.

With the help and IASP and WHO and observance of Suicide Prevention Day we can raise awareness at the global level that suicide is major preventable cause of premature death. Government need to work on the framework of policies that will deal with suicide prevention strategies. Later these policy statement and research results can be translated into prevention programs and activities.
Suicide Prevention Day is based on three major objects and they are:

  • Preventing the occurrence of Suicidal Behaviour
  • Trying to alleviate the effects of suicidal behaviour
  •  Providing a platform for all the people or volunteers who work in the way for the prevention strategies suicide.

These ideologies are been worked on since the invention of the Suicide Prevention Day.

Suicide Prevention Day: it is estimated that almost a million people die by suicide every year and the rate of such deaths has been rising steadily in past few years. On September 10 the Suicide Prevention Day, the theme that is most propagated is Many Faces, Many Places; Suicide Prevention across the world has a hidden and a broad perspective of suicide prevention. Its shows the significant difference that occurs in the profiles of individual and the circumstance they have faced under which they have attempted suicide. At the same time it also emphasizes on the mental health of the people and its connectedness.

It has been noted on Suicide Prevention Day that not all suicides can be prevented but a majority of them can. By developing and implementing some strategies we can successfully approach to the aim of suicide prevention. These strategies are:

  • By restricting over access to the means of suicide like medicines
  • To establish a healthy communication programs within the community.
  • With the help of media establishing guidelines and targets
  • Organizing

If we view the number of pervious lives lost because of suicide; implementing suicide prevention strategies are bit critical and complicated. But prevention measures have to be personalized and de-stigmatized for those who need it and are at the risk of suicide. Beside the treatment given at rehabilitation centres, we need to support the people who suffer from suicidal tendency and need to meet their emotional and vulnerable needs. 

Suicide Prevention Day 2017