Student Loans for International Students Studying In the US

When compared to the opportunities for scholarships, student loans for international students studying in the US are more. International student loans are personal loans with customized options. Even those who get scholarships or grants find it hard to meet all their educational expenses with that money. They can benefit from the student loan for the remaining expenses. Student loans help the international students to pay for their tuition, books, and boarding expenses.


  • For an international student to get educational loan in the US, he/she needs a co-signer, who is a US citizen or resident.
  • The enrolled educational institution must be an authorized one.
  • The applicant has to explain why he or she is applying for the loan, as the loan should be the last option after the student has tried to get awards, grants or assistantships.
  • The student needs to provide the following details,
    • Social Security No
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Employer
    • Occupation
    • Annual Income
    • Monthly Rent
    • Enrollment Proof
    • References
    • Home and Business Phone Number
    • Permanent Address
    • Residential Address
  • The student loans for international students studying in the US have a validity of 12 months and hence, need to be reapplied if the course of study is beyond a year.

International students are not offered the Federal loans and hence have to depend only on the student loan programs offered by private financial institutions and banks. With private student loans for international students studying in the US, the interest rate, loan amount and the repayment period and terms vary with the different providers. These loans can be charged a maximum of three percent interest rate. For the graduate/undergraduate studies, a student can be loaned up to $130,000 with $30,000/year.

Most student loan providers permit the full-time student to defer repayment of the loan to 6 months after graduation. The total repayment period is usually set up to 20 years, provided the person makes regular monthly payments.

The student loans for international students studying in the US are not need-based. With good credit history and an eligible co-signor, students can avail for the loan. It is essential that student do enough research to land a loan that will suit his/her educational financing needs and repayment capabilities.

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