Stuart Chase Birthday (March 8th)

Stuart Chase Birthday (March 8th)

Stuart Chase

"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.”

Above mentioned lines were well written by the famous writer and economist Stuart Chase which show the depth of understanding of human behaviors. This economist from America has covered diverse topics for his writings starting with general semantics to physical economy. He was perfect blend of economics and engineering and it leads him very near to R. Buckminster Fuller. There are suggestions that he was originator of famous American New Deal.He had given the cover story “A New Deal for America” in famous magazine The New Republic during same week of 1932 when American president promised the new deal but it is not clear whether the speechwriter of FDR saw the cover story or not.

Birth and Earlier Days

Stuart Chase was born in Somersworth, New Hampshire in year 1888. He was third generation of CPA as his uncle and his father founded public accounting firm in Boston in year 1897. Hence, he joined the MIT in year 1906 to learn the working. After two years he left MIT for Harvard to enhance the knowledge of banking and business in 1908.


After completion of graduation, Stuart Chase started working in the CPA firm of his father. At the age of 28 he became CPA and gave glimpses of his new approach to the traditional CPA. The evidences are very clear in “Bread Line” which was his first publication in way back 1914. He joined Boston Fabian Club and gave his services to Jane Addams’s Settlement Housed in Chicago. He joined Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 1917 to take charge of investigation of famous Armour and company. After 1921, his life spread in new dimensions as well when he joined Technocracy movement. This was the time when with earnest likings Stuart Chase got involved with semantics.


With the book The Tragedy of Waste, he attracted worldwide notice for scrutiny of contemporary industrial system in year 1925. From here on words he never looked back as he wrote various papers and articles with his new approach on business and economics. He started working hard for consumer literacy which was well appreciated and acknowledged by President Nixon in 1969 as well. He has advised common people in more than 35 books about improving their lives and has given simple interpretations of contemporary issues to enrich their wisdom. Some of his well known books are:

  • The Tragedy of Waste
  • Your Money's Worth: A study in the waste of the consumer's dollar
  • Men and Machines
  • A New Deal
  • The Economy of Abundance
  • Tyranny of Words
  • Rich Land, Poor Land
  • American Credos
  • Guides to Straight Thinking, With 13 Common Fallacies

Masters do the same things but in different ways, it is a perfect sentence for Stuart chase as he found the approach and direction for betterment of human being and followed the path through out his life. He died in year 1985 but he would be distinguished always as a great fighter of consumer protection and advocate of mass education.