STIQ Day 2017

Clear all your doubts regarding sexual health on STIQ Day

Every year STIQ day takes place on January 14, to spread the awareness on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and encourage individuals to get regular sexual health checks. Recently launched in the year 2010 after two weeks from the New Year, this special day makes people realize the importance of sexual health. Most of the time STI’s do not carry any major symptoms and the only possible way to make sure whether you are infected or not is by getting an STI examination. It is a general aspect that people get embarrassed about the idea of having sexual tests and STIQ Day gives them a good opportunity to undergo STI assessments.

Why STIs are dangerous:

Am I perfectly healthy? Do I have an STI? It is very difficult to answer these questions until you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. If a person has ever had unprotected sexual contact, then he/she could be at risk of getting Chlamydia or other STIs. Of course, it may take two weeks to detect the disease and small dosage of antibiotics is enough to cure STIs at the early stages. While some of the common STIs such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea are easy to detect and treat, others like HIV carry life threatening long-term health problems infecting many internal organs.

Importance of STIQ Day:

Spend your Sexually Transmitted Infection Question day (STIQ day) by thinking and clearing all your doubts regarding sexual health. Whether you are a man or women – or whatever age you might be, it is mandatory for every person to undergo the regular STI checkups to lead a healthy life. The tests are easy, quick and 100% reliable assuring guaranteed sexual health for both you and your partner. Get yourself checked at the local GUM or cash clinics or pharmacies or you may even buy simple self-testing home kit.

STIQ Day 2017