Career as a Statistician - Promising and Lucrative!

What is Statistician?

The past few years have seen a marked jump in students opting statistics as a field to build a promising career. There is a lot of demand for the analytical expertise of the statisticians. Their major role includes collection of data, its analysis, looking for unique patterns, designing and building of models using the collected data. These models help in prediction about the future.

How to I become a statistician?

In order to become a statistician, the students need to pursue a Master’s degree in Statistics, Survey Methodology and Mathematics. For entry level jobs, even a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics is enough. If a student plans to go for jobs in the field of academics or research, a Ph D degree is necessary. There is no dearth of educational institutions offering Bachelor’s and Post Graduate courses in Statistics. The subject demands a lot of hard work and practice when solving complicated mathematical problems. The papers commonly included in the subject are statistical methods, integral calculus, probability theory and mathematical modelling.

If the students opt to study courses that are related to the Statistics subject, they acquire more knowledge and skills that are desired by the prospective employers. Some of these subjects include engineering, computer science, mathematics or physics. For instance, if the statistics students pursue engineering after completing their education in the statistics subject, they can get lucrative career options in quality improvement or productivity improvement in the field of manufacturing.

Students holding post graduate or a Doctorate gets better chances of promotion and growth prospects in their jobs.

Key Qualities expected in a Statistician

Mathematical Skills- Calculus, statistics and linear algebra is used by the statisticians for the development and analysis of models.

Critical Thinking Abilities- Reasoning and logic are necessary for a statistician for the identification of strengths and weaknesses of conclusions, alternative solutions or varied approaches to solving a problem.

Problem Solving Skills- The statistics students need to have an analytical bent of mind. They must be able to analyze the data collected and make inferences from them.

Communication Skills- The students must possess good speaking as well as writing skills and have the ability to share technical data and information to others in a language that is easily understood by others.

Top 10 statistics program offering schools in United states of America

College / University Bachelor Masters Doctorat
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, 94305
University of California-Berkeley
200 California Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
1400 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle, WA, 98195-4550
University of Wisconsin-Madison
500 Lincoln Dr, Madison, WI, 53706-1380
North Dakota State University-Main Campus
1301 12th Avenue North, Fargo, ND, 58108-6050
Harvard University
Massachusetts Hall, Cambridge, MA, 2138
Florida State University
222 S. Copeland Street, Tallahassee, FL, 32306-1037
University of Chicago
5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL, 60637
Duke University
103 Allen Bldg, Durham, NC, 27708
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213-3890
... View all Statistics shools and colleges in USA

What does a statistician do? -

The major role of a statistician is to use a variety of statistical methods for collection of data and its analysis that helps them in solving real life problems in various fields like engineering, business, science and other sectors. Their major duties encompass the following-

  • Application of Statistical methods and theories for solving practical problems in engineering, business, science, and other fields;
  • The decision about what data to be utilized and analyzed for answering specific problems and questions;
  • Determination of Data Collection Methods to be chosen
  • Designing experiments or surveys for the collection of data;
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Data;
  • After thorough analysis, conclusion of report;

As a statistician, one has to design questionnaires, surveys, opinion polls or experiments for the collection of data they may need to solve a problem. If working in a position of authority, they need to instruct their subordinates about data collection methods to be used, its compilation and how to draw inferences from them. They also need to guide their subordinates about how to organize a survey poll and which method to use to seek answers from the subjects.

Statistician Work Environment

Statisticians usually work in offices and very rarely they go out for field jobs. It usually depends on the nature of the problem they have been entrusted to solve. Their working hours are normal, that is, starting at 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. In case, they have to finish a task within a set deadline, they may have to put in extra hours. For the purpose of supervising various research projects, they may be required to travel to different places. Those statisticians who are working in the field of academics are required to research, which can go on for odd hours. Researchers may also be involved in teaching students, which is usually during the morning time.

Statistician Salary

Initially, the entry level jobs as a statistician do not pay more. The average salary of a statistician is $75,069 per year where maximum drawings were $54,000 and minimum salary was $108,000. As a person climbs the ladder of success, the earnings shoot up and becomes more promising and lucrative. More are the qualifications and exposure in the industry, higher are the chances of getting a higher bracket of salaries.

Career as a statistician is no doubt quite promising, especially with people who have amazing analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems, with the help of research and data.

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