St Patricks Day Crafts

Every year March 17th is celebrated as St Patrick’s Day. This day is a national holidayas well as a holy day in Ireland. St. Patrick was a saint who first introduced Christianity in Ireland. He used a shamrock to help people understand about God. He explained that shamrock was like a Trinitywhich means, three divine powers: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Though this day was celebrated in Ireland, very soon it became popular and was also celebrated all over the world. A lot of Irish people wear green and participate in various activities on this day.

St. Patrick’s Day Craft

On this day, children involve themselves into various activities like making crafts. St. Patrick’s Day craft is loved by most children as they get a chance to create a lot of new things. A few popular crafts that most kids love making are Clay Pot Leprechaun, Lucky Blocks and Handprint Rainbows. A few other crafts are listed below:

The 3-D Rainbow Wreath

This is a very nice way to use left-over crepe and tissue papersfrom a birthday party. This is an interesting craft to make on St. Patrick’s Day. The procedureto make the 3-D rainbow wreath is below:

Step 1 - Take a paper plate and cut it from the center.
Step 2 - Take a few tissue papers and cut them in the shape of a square. The squares should be approximately 1-2’’.
Step 3 - Put some glue around the rim of the paper plate. Remember to put the glue just half way around.
Step 4 - Take a piece of red paper and twist it and then paper around the pencil.
Step 5 - Slowly put the paper around the glue, therefore once the paper sticks, gently pull the pencil out. Keep doing this process till you cover the glued area. Then put some glue on the rim of the remaining side of the plate. Do this till the area is covered with the red paper.
Step 4 - Continue the step 4 with other colored papers. You can use colors like yellow, orange and purple. Keep doing this till you reach the center of the plate. This is how you can make your 3-D rainbow wreath.

Irish Celtic Cross

Children can celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day by creating a nice Celtic Cross. A lot of recycled material is used. The procedure to make it is below:

Step 1 - After selecting a pattern, cut the cardboard in that shape.
Step 2 - Next, take all the cut pieces and place them on a newspaper. Coat them with a white paint.
Step 3 - The circle pieces can be painted with yellow color and the rest of the pieces can be painted with green color. Allow it to dry for a while and then put another coat of the paint.
Step 4 - Use some gold glitter on the yellow circle and allow it to dry.
Step 5 - Stick the cross on with the long side below and the three small sides above. Stick the cross in such a way so that it is at the middle of the circle.
Step 6 - Decorate all the four sides with glitter and then dry it.

Other than the above >craft ideas, there are a few more interesting ideas and you can help your kid make it.

  • You can try the Luck of the Irish Mobile where a lot of beads are used. This craft piece can be hung from the window and looks great.
  • The Rainbow streamer craft piece also looks very colorful and beautiful.
  • Kids can even make the Pot of Gold. This has a lot of use, like, it can be placed at the center of the table for decoration or just as a shaker in any game.
  • Don’t forget the popular craft piece, the St. Patrick’s Day Candy Container. This is very easy to make and kids can also give them away as gifts or it could be used to store plenty of candies.

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