Squirrel Appreciation Day 2017

Squirrels are one of the most adorable animals which we see daily. The cute little nut hunters are one of the best species which are totally acceptable in the manmade zoo. To appreciate these cute little creatures, a day is dedicated to them. January 21st every year is celebrated as the Squirrel Appreciation Day.  On this day people can feed them and do their part in protecting them from extinction. Everyone can come up with their own way of celebrating squirrel appreciation day.

Origination of Squirrel Appreciation Day

In an attempt to save these beautiful creatures from extinction, Christy Hargrove started to celebrate this day on January 21st 2001. Christy is a wildlife rehabilitator who comes from Asheville, North Carolina. He works in North Carolina Nature Center. While he was working there he thought of declaring this day as the day where people come together and help the squirrels in surviving for a longer period.
The answer to the question why this day is still not known is Squirrels are known to work at the best in the mid winter. Due to the cold climate they gather as much food as possible. Therefore may be to gather their food right before the peak of winter this date is chosen. This day is an opportunity for everyone to know and mingle with these little animals. Various awareness programs are organized to understand and know more about their origination.

Activities for Squirrel Appreciation day

On Squirrel appreciation day as mentioned before people can contribute in their own way to help them secure their place in the nature. There are many activities which are already taken up by naturalists and wildlife rehabilitators which help in spreading the awareness about the species. For those who are animal lovers and for those who like to have the chirping of the squirrels in your back yard, here are some activities which you can take up to do your part in helping the squirrels.

  • Try going to a garden and feed the squirrels. You are bound to find lot of squirrels in a place where there are many trees and bushes. They like feeding on fruits and an open secret about them is they definitely love nuts. So whenever you are crossing a huge tree or a park you can be rest assured that you will find squirrel in that area. Try carrying some bread crumbs or nuts so that whenever you find some squirrels you are ready to feed them.
  • Another way of helping the squirrels is that you can make a wooden house for them. You can hang them on the biggest tree near your house so that they will find a place to stay at in the cold winters. The wooden material will help them in saving themselves from the cold and also store their food safely from other animals.
  • One of the most important responsibilities you can take up is to spread the word about squirrels and squirrel appreciation day. This will make people aware of the fact of the nature of squirrels and more awareness means more food and home for the squirrels.

Squirrels are not irritating nor are they harmful. If you are not a squirrel lover than you still can contribute in a big way by letting them be what they are. Hope we all save the adorable creatures and let our grandchildren have the privilege of looking at a squirrel at work!

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2017