Spanish Modern Languages

Modern Spanish languages evolved from the original Latin. Hence, basically all variants of Spanish are 75% Latin and the rest borrowed from the influential language. Some of the Spanish modern languages are:

Castilian:  Commonly known as Spanish is the official language of Spain, spoken in the Castile region of Spain. Spain has 17 autonomous regions and they all have Spanish as the official language and their respective regional dialect of Spanish as the second language. It itself has two variants- Andalusian and Canarian.

Catalan: Is the language spoken by the people of Catalonian region. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia uses this among the Spanish modern languages.

Valencian: is spoken predominantly in Valencia province, an important province in Spain. It is a variation of Catalan.

Galician: is spoken in north western parts of Spain. It has a marked resemblance to Portuguese. It is also called as Gallego. It is the most preferred dialect of writers and poets in Spain.

Calo: Is spoken by a certain nomadic tribe in Spain and its words are used in Spanish slang.

Aranese: is native of the Aran valley and is a variant of the Occitan.

Basque: Is spoken exclusively in the Basque province and Navarre. It is very different from Spanish as it is the only non-romance language. But the Basque is spoken proudly by its natives who in fact consider themselves separate from Spain.

Aragonese: It is the co-official language of the Aragon region. It is closer in resemblance to Catalan than Spanish.

Asturian: Spoken by the autonomous community of Asturia, this dialect is said to have developed even before Castilian.

Leonese:  The provinces of Leon and Zamora speak this language. Celtic and Germanic languages have influenced this among the Spanish modern languages.

Castellano: Is the dialect popularized by the Latin Americans. It is a regional variation of Castilian.

Some of the other sparsely spoken localized dialects among Spanish modern languages are:

Fala: Is almost extinct and is spoken in Galicia and Portugal.

Cantabarian: It is an Asturian dialect with a Leonese influence.

Extremaduran: This is another Astur- Leonese dialect spoken in province of Salamanca of the northwestern Extremadura region.

Mirandese:  is Astur language spoken in the northern region of Portugal but, it has some official status in Spain.

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