Spanish Directors

Spanish cinema’s hall of fame is decorated with some of the best directors of the world.  In this article we present the top 5 directors of modern Spanish cinema.

List of Top 5 Spanish Directors

Alejandro Amenabar

Born in Chile to his Spanish mother in 1972, Alejandro was brought up in Madrid. His directed his first movie - La cabeza (1992) at the age of 19. This was a short film. Later, in 1996, he directed his first full length film- Tesis.  But the movie that brought him to limelight was -Open your eyes (1997) that starred Penelope Cruz. It was such a huge success that it was remade in Hollywood.  Some of his other hits include – The others (2001) starring Nicole Kidman and The Sea-side (2004) starring Javier Bardem.  He composes music for all his movies and writes scripts too. He is clearly the undisputed leader of modern Spanish cinema.

Pedro Almodovar

Pedro was born and brought up in a small town in the Castilla region, in the year 1949. He moved to Madrid in 1968 and supported himself by taking up odd jobs and used his savings to make short films and documentaries.  It was showcased to small audience and gained popularity.  After the Franco rule ended he shot to success and today he is the most famous of Spanish directors in the international film-makers circuit. Some of his famous movies are: Bad Education (2004), All about my mother (1999), Talk to her (2002).

Iciar Bollain

A writer, actress and director, Iciar was born in Madrid in the year 1967. She is the award winning director of Spanish cinema. The number of national and international awards she has amassed is a measure of her talent and success. Some of her best movies are - Hola, ¿estás sola? (1995), Flores de otro mundo (1999), Take My Eyes (2003), Mataharis (2007).

Julio Medem

Born in 1958 in northern Spain, Medem has been making movies since his teenage days. He is a qualified Psychiatrist from the medical university of Basque. His first movie was ‘Vacas (1992)’ which became a super hit and followed by a host of others including ‘La ardilla roja (1993)’, ‘Tierra (1996)’, ‘Los amantes del Circulo Polar (1998)’, ‘Lucia y el sexo (2001)’, ‘La pelota vasca (2003)’. Julio Medem is one of the most talented and original directors of modern Spanish cinema.

There are a number of Spanish directors who are noteworthy, but those mentioned here are the best among the modern breed of directors post General Franco’s era.

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