Songkran Festival 2016

Songkran Festival is the most striking feast and festival of Thailand observed not only here but also in Burma, Cambodia and the Lao State. “Songkran” is a Sanskrit word meaning the entry of sun into a random sign of the zodiac. But Songkran Festival is the case when the sun enters the Aries sun sign or the Ram.

Songkran festival is alternatively known as Maha Songkran to make a distinction from other festivals but people prefer referring it as Songkran. This festival is Thailand’s New Year to be enjoyed to the core by one and all with no economic hurdles. It is a fixed holiday according to the solar calendar.

Permanently celebrated on the 13th of April till 15th April, and sometimes on the 16th April, it marks the celebration of vernal equinox alike Indian Holi Festival, the Chinese Ching Ming, and the Easter. Songkran Festival in a sense is similar to April fool’s Day when the maids and public of Thailand play pranks on who ever happen to pass by their area and way.

Songkran Festival 2016 Significance and Expectations

Songkran Festival 2016

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The major significance of Songkran festival is that people perform their rituals of bathing the Buddha and many comes from corners of Thailand to watch this ritual. On this day, people make tidy the temples and pray to Buddha, offer money to the monks and shower scented water on elders to mark their respect for them. This is symbolized as cleaning of the spirit, mind and body.

Many Thais also believe that pouring water washes away bad luck, that’s why they celebrate this day by drenching their near and dear ones in water. As this festival falls during the hottest seasons of the year, playing with water gives them a great relief.

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