Social Security Law

The social security program in the U.S., which includes social welfare and social insurance programs is governed by the Social Security Act which was originally formulated in 1935 but has been amended many times since.

Important Programs

  • Federal old age, survivors and disability insurance
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Health insurance for the old and the disabled

Old Age Insurance

According to the Social Security law, all U.S. citizens residing in the country and who have crossed 62 years of age will be paid a certain amount of money every month by the U.S. government.

Disability Insurance

This is part of the Federal Insurance program and is managed by the Social Security Administration. The insurance payment made is temporary or permanent depending on the condition of the disability.

Social Security Law Conditions

Conditions for being eligible for disability insurance under the Social Security law:

  • The physical or mental condition of the disabled person should be such that he or she cannot be gainfully employed.
  • This condition should persist for at least 12 months or should be life threatening.
  • The person should be below the age of 65 years.
  • He should have the required number of social credits.

Unemployment Benefits

The benefits received by the unemployed under the Social Security law depend on the state in which the unemployed person resides as well as his status. Accordingly, the benefits may cover only the basic needs of the unemployed person or maybe linked to his previous salary. Also, to be eligible, he must not have lost the job due to his own fault.

Health Insurance

Under the social security law, all Americans above the age of 65 years have access to health insurance which is part of the Social Security program. Some others, like young people with disabilities, are also eligible for health insurance. This insurance program goes by the name of Medicare. On an average, the insurance amount covers about half of the health care cost incurred by an individual.

Thus, the social security law in the U.S. provides many benefits to people who are disadvantaged in some way, in terms of age, health or employment.

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