Smoke and Mirrors Day 2017

Celebrated on March 29th every year, smoke and mirrors day is a special day of illusions. The day is known as smokes and mirrors because today is the day you want to hide things from people and the best way to do that is to put up smoke and some mirrors. The festival of smoke and mirrors is a day to create illusions and have fun.


The idea or message behind this celebration is to remind everyone that very often people and things appear to be straightforward and honest. But that is not the case. By creating illusions, tricking people and making things a bit mysterious we remind everyone that there exist dishonesty, scams and hoaxes. The world does have a bit of grey in it too.

Things to do on this day:

Indulge in some magic and tricks on this day. Learn and trick or two – may be with simple objects like cards, matches and coins. Practice it well and perform for a friend or a group of friends around the block.

If you have children or know some children around then buy them some do- it-yourself magic kits. For older children, books on tricks will do.

Smoke and Mirrors Day 2017