Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Biography

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Biography

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan was a British novelist, physician, and detective-story writer. He was the creator of the masterpiece  Sherlock Holmes.

Birth and Education of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got his education at Stonyhurst College and subsequently at University of Edinburgh.

Career as a Writer

From 1882 to 1890 he practiced as a physician in Southsea, England. “A Study in Scarlet” the first series of 60 stories featuring Sherlock Holmes was published in 1887. The conceptualization of Holmes and his potential of ingenious deductive aptitude was based on the author's university professors. Conan Doyle was  successful overnight in his literary career that almost five years later he left his medical practice to spend his whole time to writing.

Some Popular Writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Some of the popular pieces of writing of Holmes stories are “The Sign of the Four” in the year 1890, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in the year 1892, The Hound of the Baskervilles in the year 1902, and His Last Bow in the year 1917. These literary pieces made Conan Doyle globally popular and served to popularize the detective-story genre.The Holmes community  flourishes, remarkably through clubs like the Baker Street Irregulars. Conan Doyle's literary skillfulness earned him almost equal fame for his classic romances for instance – “Micah Clarke” in the year 1888, “The White Company” came in 1890, “Rodney Stone” appeared in the year 1896, “Sir Nigel” which was published in the year 1906, and for his play “A Story of Waterloo” which was available for the public in the year 1894.

Association with Humanity and Literature

Conan Doyle worked as a doctor in the Boer War and after coming back to England he wrote “The Great Boer War” in the year 1900 and “The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Conduct” in the year 1902, legitimating England's participation. For these pieces of literature he was honored with knighthood in 1902. During World War I he created “History of the British Campaign in France and Flanders” consisting of 6 volumes which appeared in the year 1916-20 as a tribute to British bravery.

A Great Advocate of Spiritualism

He had been an advocate of spiritualism since the late 1880s, his lectures on the subject increased remarkably after the demise of his eldest son in the war. His autobiography, Memories and Adventures, was published in 1924. Conan Doyle died in Crowborough, Sussex, England, on July 7, 1930.

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