Single Parent's Day 2013

Being a single parent is not easy. The circumstances which make a single parent may vary from case to case. With the divorce rate increasing exponentially, the occurrence of single parents is increasing at a fast clip. In recognition of the difficulties and the added responsibility that a single parent has to shoulder, a special day has been singled out in honor of single parents. Single Parent’s Day is celebrated on the 21st of March each year.

History of Single Parent’s Day

Single Parent’s Day was born out of the idea from an article written in 1984 by a divorced mother, Janice Moglen who attempted to create a special day which would be considered in the same way as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is believed to be an offshoot of Parents Without Partners Day which was started in 1957, using the same date. Single Parent’s Day was formed by an Act of Congress, so it is one of the official holidays in the annual calendar in the United States.

Activities on Single Parent’s Day

  • The first and foremost precondition is that you have to be a single parent. If you are not a single parent, then you have to identify single parents and involve them in the activities on this day.

  • Since all the states have not come forward to make Single Parent’s Day an official holiday, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of campaigning for more states to join the ranks of states who recognize this as a national holiday

  • If you live in a state where Single Parent’s Day is still not an official holiday, you would do well to contact the office of the Governor and you can even contact the White House to remind them that this needs to be ratified.

  • If you know any single parents, it would be nice to send them a card or pay them a visit. You could even offer to help them in some way by doing chores for them on that day.

With so much to be done on Single Parent’s Day, be prepared to make a valuable contribution to the cause of these noble and brave human beings.