Silkeborg Fire Festival 2018

Event Name : Silkeborg Fire Festival
Start Date: june 24 2015
End Date : june 28 2015
Venue : Silkeborg, Denmark

Silkeborg Fire Festival is celebrated in Silkeborg, a city in central Denmark. The city is portioned into north and south by Silkeborg Langso Lake which is at the eastern side of the city resolving into Guden River. It’s along this prestigious lake where the Silkeborg Fire festival of Regatta is held.

This festival is held once in every three years, usually in the first and second week of August. The recent fire festival took place in the year 2008.

History of Silkeborg Fire Festival

The history of Silkeborg Fire Festival dates back to 1944 when a priest and playwright Kaj Munk, a strong opponent of German Occupation of Denmark was shot dead by the Gestapo.

The headquarters of Germans during World War II was Jutland at Silkeborg Bad which was the former sanatorium of the city well-known for its curative spring waters. But now, it has been changed into a municipal art centre where people can pay a visit to the wartime bunkers in the ground.

Since the year 1899, Silkeborg has been hosting “Ildfestregatta”, a fire party regatta festival.

When and Where is Silkeborg Fire Festival Held?

Silkeborg Fire Festival is held in Silkeborg, a place in mid-eastern Jutland. Considered as one of the most beautiful places of Denmark, Silkeborg has landscapes that are dominated by big lakes, forests and highest peaks in Denmark including Himmelbjerget.

Significance and Expectations from Silkeborg Fire Festival

At commencement of Silkeborg Fire Festival, the streets remain closed in night all four days from mid to August. Elements of this fest incorporate live music, amusement parks and much more. As per the tradition of this city, the event starts on Wednesday and comes to a halt on Saturday. Eventually, three firms compete to shoot their fireworks on the initial three days of the event, while the Saturday’s show is sponsored by Silkeborg Municipality.

Every midnight, an amazing show of fireworks is held; each sponsored by a different firework manufacturer to deliver the prettiest show.

Major Attractions of Silkeborg Fire Festival

Known as Europe’s largest fireworks display, this fire festival is a weeklong fest that showoffs exquisite firework each night. The final night of this event is a biggest extravaganza any one could ever witness. During the festival, a juxtaposition of glorious lakeside scenery is done by lining candles and lights alongside the boundary of the lake. Apart from this, a variety of entertainment and lake cruises take place in the display of light to add excitement to Silkeborg Fire Festival.

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